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well, crap.

I have just murdered my mobile AND cordless phones in cold blood. Or more accurately, cold water.


I put both on top of the dirty laundry in the hamper so I could bring them into the living room without making a second trip into the bedroom. Because I didn't want to waste a whole six seconds going back to the bedroom and then coming out. And then I just left them on top of the dirty laundry. And as I put my red satin pajamas in the washing machine, I heard a pair of heavy splashes. I fished the phones out quickly, but they're dead. Dead like a pair of useless, dead things that mock my carelessness as they drip in the dish drainer.


Apr. 30th, 2010

I'm checking in serials today, since the boss lady is out of town for the week. There's one publication that has a different subtitle with each issue, and I checked it in a moment ago. I typed in the whole subtitle -- Creating Your Discovery Plan -- and then hit Enter. It abbreviated at just the right place: Creating Your Disco. I immediately envisioned a young John Travolta in a white suit, doing the Hustle.

This is as funny as technical services work in a library gets, folks. Envy me.


Ham radio class last night was excellent. We're blazing a trail through tons of information in three two-hour classes, and many times I wasn't sure if something the teacher elmer said was relevant. So I wrote everything down and got major writer's cramp!

(First bit of ham radio jargon for ya: elmer = mentor. So Elmer is how I shall refer to our teacher from now on.)

I stuck around afterward to get as much info as I could and to watch Elmer do a relay*, and then my parents' daughter showed up unexpectedly: despite my fatigue, I could not leave the building until all Elmer's equipment and gear was packed into his car. After Elmer's car was packed and locked, three of us put the room back together so it'd be ready for church on Sunday.

Elmer had talked to Gordon West (Mister Ham Radio in California) earlier in the day, and Gordon transmitted to us at one point to say hi to the class and encourage all of us to stick with it. Gordon asked if any student wanted to say hello, and I got the urge to run for the hills. Sure enough, Elmer said, "I've got Trina here." I frantically waved my arms -- NO NO NO! -- but Elmer pushed his microphone in my face, so I fumbled my way through a short conversation before saying good night. At least I provided amusement to everyone else in the class! (This is why I'm calling my elmer Elmer. He deserves it.)

The church is doing this because emergency preparedness has always been a big thing with us. Lots of people think their cell phones will work if a flood or tornado or earthquake hits, but cell phones are dependent on land-based equipment: telephone wires and towers. If something severe enough to kill land lines hits, my cell phone will go kaput, too. A ham radio, on the other hand, is entirely self-sufficient.

*I'm not sure if that's the right term, but what I referred to as a relay was a weekly check-up Elmer does with the Mormon hams in Long Beach and the surrounding area. He checks in with everyone on his list every Tuesday night to make sure everyone's there and to see if anyone has concerns or questions. It took about twenty minutes and was really cool to watch and listen to.

Writer's Block: The one that got away

Do you believe in the concept of a soulmate? Do you think you've met him or her? Do you ever worry that "the one" got away?

I don't believe in soulmates, but I do believe in love at first sight because it happened to me. (Well, not LOVE. Just instant, mutual chemistry.) I saw him at a Christmas party. He was in town to help an acquaintance move, and they were going to be in California for another week, including Sunday, before leaving. And I got the flu that weekend, so I missed church and never saw him again.

There are others who got away after interactions that lasted longer than fifteen minutes, and I remember each of them with fondness and regrets. While I've been attracted to many men over the years, that Christmas-party guy was the only time I was so taken with someone at first sight.

Da Friday Five

1. How often do you clean your home?
2. What domestic chore do you hate?
3. What domestic chore do you enjoy?
4. Do you own a washing machine or go to the laundrette?
5. Do you iron underpants and/or bed sheets?

1. I do something every day. Unfortunately, instead of making it seem like everything's always clean, there's always something that's messy or worse, dirty.

2. Mopping. I lost a toenail doing that six years ago, and it still makes me nervous.

3. Laundry isn't bad, since I only have to do something about it every fifteen, thirty, or forty-five minutes. Gives me the excuse to loaf about in between.

4. There's a laundry room in our building, but there's only one washer and one dryer for nine flats.

5. *falls over laughing* You're hilarious.

books and dessert: two of my favorite things!

I'm currently reading Georgette Heyer's The Masqueraders. (Oh, like you all didn't know my adoration for stories where the shero dresses as a boy!) I am in love with the sleepy Sir Anthony -- especially after the scene in which he proposes to Prudence -- and have just seen Markham get his comeuppance. Woo-hoo!

The only drawback is this book. It's a library book, and it reeks of mildew or something equally icky. I can't stop reading the story, but the actual book smells so bad, it's making me cough again!

The trial-run cake I baked this morning is delicious. Tomorrow's Phil's birthday party, and when I asked his friend if I could help out in any way, I was asked to bake the cake. Since I've never done anything quite like this -- simple as it is -- I did a test this morning to make sure of quantities and such. Yummy white cake with chocolate pudding on top! (Though Phil gets vanilla pudding tomorrow.) I just need to remember to call tomorrow to find out if I need to provide the candles, too, or if the party organizers are taking care of that.

Haven't finished his present yet, so I shall add an IOU in a postscript on his birthday card. It'll probably be done next week, though; it's not that big a project.

Shopped last night for some essentials, and of course, they have discounted Easter sweets right by the door. Gits. I didn't get a chocolate bunny from anyone this year, so I did buy one for myself, as well as some of those robin eggs that are malted milk balls with a candy shell over the chocolate. It's always fun to suck on the blue ones and then show off my electric blue tongue to anyone and everyone. (I may have been an old fart since I was three, but even I remember how to play once in a while.)

I have dishes to put away and more to wash, but I think once I wash the ones I need to do the cake tomorrow morning, I'll take Superchunk the Beastie Boy and retire to the sofa to finish this smelly book. I have lots of books to finish before they're all due a week from tomorrow: Frederica, a Jeeves novel, The Candy Shop War (I think that's what it's called), and The Picture of Dorian Grey. I may end up having to renew a few.

I just wish I had the patience for poetry.


Apr. 15th, 2009

Bad day, mad day, sad day. (In that order.) But don't worry. Tomorrow is another day, and it's sure to be better.

sweet Papa

We're big fans in my family of the since-you're-up/while-you're-out mentality. Little side errands that can be tacked on to the main errand, whether it's Dad asking for (demanding) a glass of water when I get up to use the bathroom, or me saying to Mom, "Can I stop and get anything for dinner on the way to your place?"

Dad and I have been calling each other every day to see how the other is doing. He's had to go to the doctor twice over the last week for a minor skin problem, and I have sinusitis, so we're both laid up a bit, though he's still able to work. When he called a few hours ago and asked if there was anything I needed, I joked that I wanted popcorn and chocolate. (I'd just awakened from a nap, and I'd dreamed of popping popcorn on the stove, so I was annoyed that I ran out of popcorn a month ago.) I have apple and orange juice, I have lots of soup and soup mixes, and I have all the meds I need. But Dad's making a trip to the supermarket to get me the kind of popcorn I like best, even though it isn't necessary and he wasn't on his way to anywhere else. Isn't that sweet?

I always get nauseatingly sentimental when I'm sick. *sniffle*


The Friday Five on Thursday!

1. If your car/bike is wrecked (if your mass transit service goes belly-up), do you know what you would do to replace it, perhaps even have the car or bike you want already picked out?
2. A client/friend gives you a lottery ticket, which wins you a prize worth (after taxes) ten times as much money as you earned/received last year. What will you do with it?
3. Fight or flee?
4. Someone performs a random act of kindness that is exactly what you need on a bad day. If you wish to pay them back, would you write a poem, bake, buy something, or what?
5. Your manager commands you to pick a charity to contribute to. Do you resist? If not, which charity would be your first choice?

1. I'd probably carpool. I'm fairly certain that there's someone who works here and lives in my neighborhood, so actually, it's been rather idiotish of me not to carpool ....

2. Make sure the check clears.

3. Flee. I'm a chicken.

4. I'd bake. I'm good at baking stuff that's delicious and bad for you.

5. Is it my money or my manager's or my employer's? I'd resist if it was my money, since I don't have any to spare. If it wasn't mine, I'd choose a local children's hospital or women's shelter.

the negativity meme

Ganked from my friends list, though I can't really see why I'm filling it out, since it's all about stuff I dislike.

7 foods you can't stand
* green bean casserole
* scallops
* lobster
* liver
* squash
* strawberries
* caramel

6 actors/actresses/musicians/famous people whose appeal you don't understand
* Paris Hilton
* Ashton Kutcher
* Amy Winehouse
* George Clooney
* Kiera Knightley
* Elvis Presley

5 Pet Peeves
* people who talk on their cell phones in the lavatory
* call waiting
* the desire to watch football when family is visiting
* misspelled homophones in published writing: stock/stalk, there/their/they're
* cat hair everywhere (totally my fault, since I voluntarily adopted two beasts)

4 talents/skills you don't have, but kind of wish you did
* being outgoing
* will power
* the ability to hold off speaking until I've thought about it
* witty speech

3 songs you hate
* I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston's version)
* I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (anything by Elvis, actually)
* My Heart Will Go On (anything by Celine Dion, actually)

2 fashion trends (past or present) that you hate(d)
* cuffed trousers/jeans
* shoulder pads

1 thing you will never, ever do again
* kiss a guy after I've kissed his brother

I quote Stephen Fry: "Sometimes there just isn't enough vomit in the world."